My Husband insisted that I include these 2 photos.  The night was almost over - I thought it we were done actually.  I was talking to one of the guys and my Husband was the only other guy upstairs.  I really like this point of gangbangs and sex parties in general.  Things are winding down, but you’re still on a high from all the sex and I just kind of take everything in and start to calm down.

Most of the guys had left at this point.  My Husband says out of the original 20 guys and 4 women, 1 of the women and about 10 - 12 guys had left.  Not even my Husband knows how many guys fucked me.  I don’t get sore from all the fucking.  In fact my pussy becomes more sensitive and fucking feels better and better as the night goes on.  Once I fucked a bunch of guys over 8 hours and by around the 6th hour my pussy was so swollen it felt hard to the touch and even a light touch made it twitch like I was masturbating.

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